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Set up

From the end pin to the tail wire, the tailpiece, the bridge, the sound post, the strings, to the fingerboard and nut. All are parts of a system that work together to transfer energy into the bass and produce sound. Any part not fitting correctly, out of placement or made from inferior materials may be robbing the instrument of its full potential, affecting the feel and in some cases causing damage. 

The fingerboard, when planed correctly, with the proper scoop or relief will not buzz under the string and requires less energy from the hand to play any note. Sending the energy into the music, not your muscles and tendons. Often overlooked is the nut, which can make the most played notes in half and first position difficult to produce when the string is too high, even by just a millimeter. 

The bridge and sound post are also a system working to transfer the energy from the string to the bass top and back, amplifying the sound. Fitting, placement, dimensions and quality of materials all will contribute to the tone and quality of your instrument's sound. 

Each bass is evaluated carefully with special consideration for its particular player. Then patiently the setup is worked and checked for optimal playability and sound.

 A bass player himself, Randy understands the requirements of different types of bass playing.  Hunt Doublebass focuses on your needs as a player, a proper set up facilitates your end goal, to make great music. 



Basses are big, fragile instruments. No matter how careful we are accidents do happen. They are made of wood and changes in humidity and temperature can have drastic affects on the instrument. Sometimes even small bumps onto a seemingly soft surface can unleash stress from the bass and result in a crack. In many older instruments outdated or poor repairs need to be reworked. We offer internal and external repairs done with minimal or no removal of original material and removable for future repairs.


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Closing and reinforcimg a top crack.

Closing and reinforcimg a top crack.


New Basses

Coming soon. Finishing up bass #1. The Sycamore scroll graft for the maple neck is the last big hurdle for my first build.